Thursday, 7 May 2009

Post-work parish pootle proves poor

A pair of common sandpiper were on the top pools this evening, plus 5 tufted duck.
Otherwise it was pretty unremarkable with just the usual 'resident' stuff. I couldn't see any LRPs but a carrion crow was marching around on the island so I guess they could have been keeping a low profile.
Frog Pond was birdless as was Darter Pool, bar a couple of mallard and a moorhen.
The Wildfowlers' Pools seemed quiet with just a pair of shelduck alongside the usual suspects while the Flood also drew a blank.
A noisy whimbrel was on the marsh.
Both whitethroat species were heard but were keeping hunkered down in the wind.
A group of 5 swift were feeding over Freeman's Wood.

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