Monday, 25 May 2009

Pochard pair drop in

After having been in the West Midlands for a couple of days I arrived back in Lancaster late this afternoon and, following a few essential chores, I headed down to the patch for an early evening visit.
Expecting the worst, what with the Bank Holiday and great weather, Freeman's Pools weren't quite as devastated as I'd feared. In fact all looked well!
The little grebe pair on the main pool were still looking like they were thinking about having another go at nest building, though the fact that there are still no young coot, moorhen or mallard does speak volumes.
The little-ringed plover was still sat tight on the nest.
A most unexpected discovery came in the form of a pair of pochard - where have they come from? A pair of tufteds flew and the gadwall dup were still at the upper pools, where a Canada goose, 2 more little grebe and 3 mallard were also present.
The other pools were pretty quiet, though a frustratingly brief snatch of what sounded like a turtle dove between Frog Pond and the upper cycle patch remained unproven despite a pretty thorough search.

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