Friday, 15 May 2009

Cut across shorty

Having enjoyed the spring showers on the way from Morecambe I arrived at Freeman's Pools just as the rain eased off. The area was awash with hirundines and swifts which made for a great sight.
The resident little grebe pair were in noisy pursuit of a third bird around the main water and 2 pairs of tufties were on th top pools.
I couldn't see any LRPs. A soggy brown hare was lollopping about.
At 5.50pm I noticed a rather odd-looking high-flying bird which turned out to be a short-eared owl heading determinedly north. It had presumably come from further down the coast having waited for the rain to clear before continuing on its journey.
Otherwise it was disappointingly migrant-free, I'd hoped for a few grounded passerines, maybe a spotfly or something, but all I could find was a single female wheatear near Walled Meadow.
A couple of raven were cronking around the parish.

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