Thursday, 21 May 2009

Little gull, little else.

Once again the main water at Freeman's Pools was pretty quiet.
The little ringed plover was still sitting tight, no fluffy little heads have appeared as yet though.
The little grebes seem to have given up on the most recent nest construction and once again the swan nest was swanless. In fact, the birds were on the upper pools where 3 tufted duck (2m, 1f) were also hanging in.
Just the drake gadwall was visible - the optimist in me hopes that the duck is out of site in the vegetation, doing what ducks should be doing at this time of year.

The 1stw/s little gull was flying around the river off Marsh Point, easily viewable from Snatchems if any Heysham birders 'need' it for the year. A female goosander was also here.

A brown hare was the only thing of interest in the stubble fields and the Flood and Marsh both proved fruitless.

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