Saturday, 23 May 2009

Littles at large

Not too much to report from the patch today, most of the usual suspects were around.
At Freeman's Pools there were no ducks to be seen, the tufteds and gadwall either having been spooked off or moved on completely.
The swans were back on the main pool but the nest seems well and truly abandoned for now. (I checked another swan nest at Heron Pool and that too was deserted, presumably by the pair today on Darter Pool, though until I see the darvic ring on the cob I can't confirm that.)
A little ringed plover was feeding at the upper pools while another was on the island.
The pair of little grebes were at the top pool.
A single female wheatear was on the tideline and 3 little egrets (inc 1 with full head plumes) were feeding out on the saltmarsh.
A peregrine came through carrying some hapless songbird.
At least 2 skylarks were in song over the marsh.
I discovered a brilliant oystercatcher nest in a large piece of driftwood, I hope that it succeeds - it certainly deserves to for aesthetic reasons alone!
The little gull remains in the ploughed field despite there being no 'carrier' species present.

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