Thursday, 28 May 2009

Family fortunes

Didn't get to post my findings from a post-work visit on Tuesday, but the main things were that the pochard pair were still present and the little ringed plovers appear to have hatched some young. This was deduced by the fact that both birds were close together, a few metres away from the nest area with one bird obviously tending to something beneath its belly while the other, presumably the male, being 'on guard' and very aggressive to anything coming anywhere near.

A message today from Guy confirmed this and in fact three chicks have hatched. In previous years this has been the usual number, though nasty June weather resulted in just one bird fledging in both 07 and 08. Let's hope that the coming settled weather gives the fragile new hatchlings the start they need to gain strength.

I popped down after work this evening and could see the family party scurrying about. Otherwise, 2 tufteds, 2 gadwall, 2 shelduck, 2 Canada goose, 2 lesser black backs (unusually) plus all the other usual bits and pieces.

Of note - my first painted lady of the year was near Marsh Point. From the hype I thought I was going to cycling through a fluttering wall of the things... maybe tomorrow.

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