Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Black tern blank

Someone forgot to put out the black tern I'd ordered.
Having finally battled through the headwind on the trusty boneshaker I arrived at Freeman's Pools to discover nothing much of note at all. A pair of gadwall were present but otherwise, it was the regular stuff.
A check of the Lune at Marsh Point also drew a blank tern-wise although a gaggle of some 20 or so 1st summer black-headed gulls were feeding over the water.


Pete Woodruff said...

Afraid to say your optimism re Lapwing third time lucky in the maize field didn't last long Jon, Mr farmer was in there again today complete with tractor and spray machine and your 20 or so birds screaming their heads off at him.

Jon Carter said...

Thanks for that Pete - let's just hope there's still plenty of time for them to have a decent crack at nesting this year.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes here's hoping as you say Jon. Don't want to labour the issue but on a personal level I really hate this time of year with dozens of Lapwing nest being destroyed in fields at the turn of almost every corner.

I spoke to an official looking guy working on/nearby Freemans Pools yesterday relating to 'disturbance' by people ignoring the private/warning signs in place there, he told me of an incident where a youth was in difficulty in the water and the emergency services including the air rescue/ambulance being called out probably at the cost of around£5,000. Sorry my comments appear to be negative but its reality were talking about here and a particular concern for the LRP's attempting to breed successfully.