Saturday, 31 January 2009

Spots before my eyes

Very windy and rather nippy...
Freeman's Pools: In no particular order - 1 spotted redshank, 4 wigeon, 1 shoveler, 2 gadwall, 9 mallard, 2 goldeneye, 11 coot, 2 mute swan, 2 little grebe, 2 moorhen.
Frog Pond: c.50 wigeon, 2 mute swan, 5 mallard.
Darter Pool: 1 coot, 2 mallard.
Wildfowlers' Pools: 8 mallard, 5 moorhen.
Heron Pool: 2 heron & 9 moorhen feeding in field by the pond.
2 little egret on Colloway Marsh.
1200+ pinkfeet were in the air between the Heysham bypass fields and wherever it was they were heading to beyond Glasson, though a group of around 70 dropped on to Colloway.
Must have sifted through 1000 BH gulls but couldn't find anything in with them.
Approx 800 golden plover amongst around 3000 lapwing on Aldcliffe Marsh, plus a dunlin. These were all spooked into the air at one point by a female merlin.
A spotted redshank was feeding in one of the small pools just in front of the gate overlooking the marsh - was this the same bird seen at Freeman's Pools half an hour later or were there two in the area? I have to say, they didn't look like the same bird...
This is a pretty good record as this species is just about annual in the Aldcliffe area, though more typically in late summer.
No passerines of note bar a single fieldfare and the tawny owl was in its usual hawthorn, although it was a bit tricky to see having adjusted its position to shelter from the wind.

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