Saturday, 3 January 2009

Let's list again...

Managed a decent trawl around the patch today, starting in Freeman's Wood, up to Marsh Point and along the estuary to Stodday. Checked the sewage works, then along the cycle track back to Freeman's Wood.

Bagged a few year-ticks (bringing my total to 73) of which the highlights were rock pipit, little egret and fieldfare. A woodcock was flushed in much the same area as a few days ago.
The greylag flock was present on the marsh and contained approx. 420 birds. Amongst them were 2 pinkfeet but no whitefronts. The Canada flock was also nearby and was joined by a further 6 pinkfeet.
Freeman's Pools were, like all the other ponds etc, completely frozen and were consequently birdless.
A group of 12 linnet were a pleasant sight in the stubble fields, though very few other finches etc could be found.
A water rail showed brilliantly in the brackish ditch by the cycle track.

There certainly seems to have been an increase in the number of blackbirds and robins in the last few days, they were all over the place!

Oh, and my mammal yearlist went up by two - stoat and grey squirrel...

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