Saturday, 24 January 2009

Mild but dull

Considerably milder than of late and blessed with blue skies and sunshine, though the birding wasn't overly productive... probably not helped by the fact that I didn't get out until 2pm.
Freeman's Pools: 2 little grebe, 2 mute swan, 2 gadwall, 2 shoveler, 11 mallard, 2 wigeon, 2 moorhen, 8 coot, 1 snipe, 3 oystercatcher, 2 redshank. A meadow pipit was feeding on the bank.
Frog Pond: 31 wigeon, 2 mute swan, 4 mallard, 1 snipe.
Wildfowlers' Pools: 80+ mallard, 3 teal, 6 moorhen.
Aldcliffe Marsh was very quiet with a little egret, a few lapwing & oystercatchers, 2 shelduck and 2 mute swans plus a kestrel hunting along Dawson's Bank. Approx 110 Canada geese were on Heaton Marsh.
Freeman's Wood: Rather quiet, the only 'highlights' being the roosting tawny owl, a couple of bullfinch and a jay (which was a well-dudey yeartick!).

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