Saturday, 10 January 2009

The geese are getting fat

Highlights from a trundle around the patch today:
Approximately 580 greylag (and 1 pinkfoot) were feeding in the stubble fields between the cycle track and Aldcliffe Marsh.
150 or so Canada geese were on the marsh itself as were a couple of little egret.
A stock dove flew over from Stodday toward Oxcliffe.
An adult Med gull was one of only a handful of birds on Gull Bank.
The majority of black-heads were feeding in the fields alongside lapwings, redshank and a dozen golden plover. Single fieldfare and redwing were present too.
A further couple of fieldfare were by the still frozen Freeman's Pools, where 2 mute swans and a pair of drake shoveler were the only waterbirds. A couple of the local track-suited intelligentsia were busy jumping up and down on the ice to test it's thickness. Insert your own joke...
Two drakes and a duck shoveler were also on the Wildfowlers' Pools.
The tawny owl was roosting in its usual spot.

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