Saturday, 17 January 2009

Gull Bank draws blank

Had a quick blast round this morning (9.30-11.30am) from Freeman's Pools down to the Stodday ETW and back.
Wildfowl's a bit slow in returning to the post-thaw pools and the main water had just 7 coot, 8 mallard, 1 shoveler, 2 little grebe a Canada goose and a goldeneye.
A bullfinch was along the track here.
The wet fields and Wildfowlers' Pools were quiet with just a few mallard and moorhen seen.
2 little egret were on Aldcliffe Marsh and 3 rock pipit were zipping around. Managed a year-tick in the form of Ray Hobbs.
A pair of grey partridge were in the Walled Meadow.
200ish pinkfeet came over following the river toward Glasson and a small flock of golden plover were flying around.
Couldn't find anything interesting amongst the large number of gulls (mainly black-headeds) on Gull Bank.
Another rock pipit was bouncing over the saltmarsh by the pylons at Stodday.
Very few passerines along the cycle track bar the odd robin, dunnock, blackbird etc. and reasonable numbers of goldfinch.

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