Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Double Gloss-ster.

Dan here with a late evening report on events just a few hundred metres south of the ARA (Aldcliffe recording area!).

This evening, while listening out for passage Wood Warblers at Meldham Wood (no such luck) a Glossy Ibis whistled over my head and over the treetops.... Half an hour later the same thing happened again as Whimbrel titters filled the air.

I suspect that the duo were headed to roost in the plantation by Ashton Hall lake where several Little Egrets dropped in and nesting Grey Herons were croaking . There's no public access to the lake, but I'll be on the shared use path again tomorrow armed with camera.... and a scope for scanning Colloway Marsh, which is presumably where the vagrants had been feeding.

Late news for yesterday regards yet another Yellow Wagtail heading through Aldcliffe airspace- I saw and heard one as it bounded NNW over the estuary off Marsh Point.


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