Thursday, 1 May 2014

Early 'Start

Dan here. Happy May to you all.

A quick look out of the window at half five revealed the kind of damp and miserable conditions I should be out in.

I soon found that the patch was hardly Fallcliffe, but then again it wasn't eff-Allcliffe either.

A lovely (is there any other kind?) adult male Redstart was singing in the rain in a sycamore at the foot of Aldcliffe Hall Lane, and the Willow Warbler singing feebly by the walled meadow smelled new.

A new Sedge Warbler was chattering a few hundred yards to the south (although any of its kin at Freeman's Pools were silent) so signs of mid-spring passage migration seemed to aided rather than hampered by the early drizzle.

The only Wheatear I could find was a male, and not the ten hands at the shoulder 'definite Greenland' that everyone's on about these days, even though it was standing up straight (probably to have a peer at me)...

A Whimbrel was quietly feeding by cadaver corner, and a scan of the Lune estuary west marshes revealed precisely no ibises, and an impressive fifteen Eider.

The Long-tailed Tit nest I've had half an eye on by the sewage works is still active, as is a nest-building Chiffchaff.

My snap below is dedicated to all the local dog-walkers who see me scanning Freeman's Pools and ask me if I'm looking for deer (no mate, I'm grilling the habbo for an overshooting Sylvia!)...enjoy!


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