Sunday, 4 May 2014

7 & 7 is?

Dan here.

Everyone was expecting more rain than materialised today-- I was out dead early in the drizzle thinking it a lull in heavier precipitation, but the day was mostly dry.

My plan was to quickly spot a Swift circling around in the murk (had a few over town two days ago) go home, type a blog entitled 'Just a Swift One' and go back to bed. But the Swift never showed, the weather dried out and I searched for migrants for a couple hours more.

The main feature was Wheatears. First thing a party of four was mingling with similarly-sized Lapwing chicks on the maize fields, with a further six being chased around by doggies on the marsh.

When I checked the flood an hour later (M & F Little Ringed Plover) ten Wheatears were frolicking with lambs at the waters edge. Surely not the two flocks consolidated? The marsh birds were gone.. I grabbed my notebook to up my morning tally to fourteen. Scrub that-- maize birds no longer present.. Krazy times.

That's about all for today-- save to mention two Sedge Warblers singing and also a Stock Dove at Freeman's Pools-- more mathematical mysteries soon.


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