Thursday, 3 April 2014

02/04/14: Anthus on a Postcard

Dan again. Hello.

My Aldcliffe birds on the second of April were scribbled on a small piece of paper in a high wind... I can't read some of the tallies too well.... but I think it went like this:

Vis 1015-1315

Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) --488 (220 NE in 1st hour, 201 NE in 2nd 2, 67 in hour 3)

Goldfinch-- 37 NE

Siskin-- 7 NE

Sand Martin 26 N & NE

Pink-Footed Goose 4N

Golden Plover 16NE

Where are all the flyover Pied Wags this spring?


Not too much to else to report, highlights being 2 Stock Doves, 3 Blackcaps, 4 Goldcrests and 2 Green Sandpipers. 40 Linnets were in the maize stubble.

Lowlight was a dog-walker-for-hire exercising 8 or 9 dogs in the Wildfowlers Pools field. Birds sent flying in terror included potential breeders like Gadwall (4) Lapwing (4) Shelduck (4) Oystercatcher (3) Redshank (7) and also some Wigeon, Teal and Starlings. Very thorough disturbance.

If there were such a thing as an AASBO (Aldcliffe Antisocial Behaviour Order)... I'd slap one on him.


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