Friday, 4 April 2014

Ouz a Pretty Girl Then?

Dan here.

A female Ring Ouzel was a most unexpected find in the parish this evening (03/04/14). It was feeding the tidal debris near the paddocks on the Stodday stretch of the estuary, before spotting me, giving a series of  lovely dry crackly alarm calls and spreading its silver-grey wings to escape.

I saw it again few minutes later as it rose from the narrow walled field near the pylons and paused on a small tree... at which point I managed to get a single photo-- which was as rubbish a shot of an ouzel (with its back turned) as can be.

It got away and to my chagrin I couldn't reconnect. Me first lowland RZ round here. What a bonnie thrush.

A female Blackcap wasn't too far from two males near the sewage works, and six Chiffchaffs were within 200m of each other. 2 Goldcrests were calling from ivy-clad hawthorns close by.


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