Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Winter's Tale........

                                              Admiralty Wood. 

Great winter weather and had a trawl around the Parish with daughter Molly today. We made our way through Fairfield Orchard where a great number of volunteers busied themselves,  the path is now open, was chatting to one of the main organisers and he had seen a number of Snipe. It looks a bit bare at the moment and will come into its own in a few years when everything grows.  They have created three scrapes, planted hedges and more.
Making our way down to the river we saw Nuthatch near the village. In the field was a mixed flock of gulls, Lapwing and Starlings. We walked along the river bank towards Marsh Point and made a note of birds, Little Egret 2, Shelduck 17, Curlew 14, Redshank 8, Mute Swan 32, Greylag Geese 143, Canada Geese 84, Oystercatcher 69, Lapwing 335, Grey Heron 3, Cormorant 2, BH Gulls 49, LBBG 6, HerrG 5, CommG 6, Black-tailed Godwit 23, Goosander 4, Mallard 7, Starling 130.
No sign of the Glossy Ibis the area was frozen. Freeman’s Pool had a few Gadwall of note.
Yesterday Redwing 16 near Lunecliffe. Buzzard, Kestrel and Ravens 2 at river.

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