Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Dan here.

My vestiges of hope that the trio of snow geese might be wild vagrants melted as I snapped them at close range at Marsh Point today. We were all a bit too cosy.

I'd bet that the closest they've been to Greenland is the Iceland in Morecambe. A while after I took this they were to be seen grovelling at the foot of the tip with those huge baggy-bellied farm geese and the tamest of the greylags.

Anyway... enough of this hilarity. Some wild honkers were about with 300 pink-footed and 3 Eurasian white-fronted geese dropping onto Aldcliffe Marsh about midday, with several hundred more pinks seen on Colloway Marsh, and a thousand more seen in flight over the Oxcliffe area.


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