Monday, 30 January 2012

Knot my cup of tea...........

Brilliant cold sunny day. Freeman’s much as it was last visit, Tufted Ducks, Gadwall, Coot etc. Marsh Point was a treat with hundreds of birds, Knot 27 unusual for here,  Canada Geese 162, Greylag 110, Snow Geese 3 flew in had a quick look about then flew off down river, Lapwing 720, Golden Plover 4, Redshank 60, Oystercatcher 40, Curlew 1, Black-tailed Godwit 8,  BH Gull 60, Comm Gull 19, Herring Gull 16, LBB Gull 4.
The track was quiet with just a few Chaffinch. Wildfowlers’ Pool Coot and teal. The Flood saw Redshank 65, Shelduck 2, Mallard 8. The Marsh had 45 Curlew and 1 Little Egret. Gull Bank had Mediterranean Gull 1, BH Gull 160, Golden Plover 87, Dunlin 48, Lapwing 800 and a flock of 120 Starling flying over. Opposite bank were Little Egret 2, Pink-footed Geese 750 approx and did see 4 European White fronts possibly more. A pair of Goldeneye on the river. Found a dead bird looked like a Guillemot will have picture checked. Sewerage works Grey and Pied Wagtail.

Yesterday Little Owl Admiralty Wood and Redwing 6.

Update on dead bird, confirmed Guillemot. 



ray said...

Those Dunlin later finished up on the Flood. I could only find one Whitefront way out on the marsh, all the geese were hiding in the gullies. But on a less serous note, Tom ( Walkington) is having trouble latching in to a Little Owl.... does the Admiralty wood one show regularly and/or in a particular spot ? it doesn't seem to be where I have usually seen it in the past.

Jon Carter said...

Not been visiting the wood enough recently to say, though it has always been a good spot in the past. I believe the large tree on the canal, the one in the field opposite concrete moorings, hosts a pair seen regularly. Would be interesting to establish if they are the same birds. Those geese were hard to see as they did keep vanishing! Steve