Monday, 1 November 2010

The one that got away

A walk round with Steve yesterday was interupted by a couple of wildfowlers in the stubble fields. We anxiously watched as a greylag flew over the guns but lady luck was on it's side. It seemed fairly quiet, not sure why???
 A couple of goldcrests were in the hedge near weedy corner, a couple of water rails were squealing when the guns were discharged with a female shoveeler close by, one definite chiffchaff near darter pool and possibly another at Estuary Gate, a blackcap in the hedge opposite wildfowlers and 9 gadwall at Freemans pool.
Watched one of those flying latterns being blown high from east to west last night whilst walking the dog at 9pm and imagined all the little gems a wind like that would bring to Aldcliffe today.


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