Saturday, 30 October 2010

Possible Lapland Bunting

Started off rom the sewerage works at 10.00 and got back there at about 1.00. A beautiful morning with bright red autumnal colours in the hedges and blackberry bushes. The smell of dying, fermenting vegetation in the railway cutting smelt like beer brewing. I wish October could go on forever. Two other birders were also making the most of it. One had seen a chiffchaff at the estuary gates.
My sightings included 5 pied wags and one grey wag in the sewerage works. 3 goldcrest on the cycle track at Stodday and a treecreeper accompanying a tit flock on the way back. 50 widgeon under the pylons and about 50 golden plover on gull bank. A little egret on the marsh and 25 fieldfares along Dawsons bank.
On the marsh towards Marsh Point I heard 2 skylark overhead. Accompanying them was a slightly smaller passerine with a blunt head, not as heavily built breastand slightly narrower wings. Unfortunately I didn't hear a flight call. I had a good view of the silhouette of this bird for about 30 seconds before landing on the marsh so I was able to get a good comparison with the skylarks. Being an honest person I won't put this down as life tick but add it to the long list of possible and probables I seem to have.
A little grebe , 9 heron  2 goldeneye and 3 tufted ducks were all in the vicinity of freemans pool. Pishing round the sycamores in Freemans wood brought down a few tits and finches.


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