Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wild goose chase

2 peregrines were in the vicinity of the pylons putting every wader up between Glasson and Snatchems.
The barnacle geese were still on the marsh at the north eastern end.
10 goldeneye were at Freemans pools with 2 tufties.
The fields are still being prepared with lovely black stuff. I'd quite like some of that for my veggie patches.
20 fieldfares in the area. Lots of berries still on the hawthorns. Will waxwing enter my Aldcliffe list?


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Pete Woodruff said...


The Barnacle Geese number seems to be steadily falling unless they are separating/moving off, but I carefully checked almost 1,000 geese (Canada/Greylag) today and found just 14, and incidentaly saw no Goldeneye on Freemans Pools today.