Thursday, 4 February 2010

Gulls Provide the Interest and Frustrations..


Peregrine from Railway Crossroads

A good selection of gulls viewed from Marsh Point held a ringed LBBG which waded in to the river before I was able to photograph it and a possible yellow legged gull. This gull had a slightly darker mantle than the surrounding herring gulls, small spots on the primaries, bright yellow legs and bill. I made the schoolboy error of taking my scope away from the bird to compare it to a nearby herring gull and then lost it despite going through the gulls again several times.
Other birds in the vicinity were 8 gadwall, 4 shoveller and a widgeon (but no smew) on Freemans, 10 reed buntings and 3 meadow pipit on the high tide mark and the above peregrine eating breakfast.


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