Saturday, 20 February 2010

Confiding Water Rails


Water Rails on the bottom path

A pleasant walk with Steve under a bright blue sky until a fog moved up the estuary at a very rapid speed.

Highlights included 

3 very showy water rails in the ditch on the bottom path. We were getting views from 5 metres just by standing still on the cycle track and letting the birds coming to us.
15 golden plover heading down the estuary.
c. 70 linnet and 5 reed bunting in the stubble fields.
3 snipe, a redshank, 2 tufties, 2 goldeneye and a kestrel round Freemans pool.
30 black tailed godwits at Marsh Point.
2 collared doves came down with the mist. Fairly unusual down here.


1 comment:

Pete Woodruff said...

Excellent pic of the Water Rails not something achievable very often and certainly not two together....well done Guy.