Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Shakin' All Over.....Aldcliffe!

Usually I feel quite at home in freezing conditions, winter camping and thrashing up snow filled mountain gullies. However, birding is a different matter, facing a bitterly icy wind and trying to gaze down a scope is a headache, eye watering experience, which I’m sure you all identify with. Needless to say I had ago and what I saw was probably only half the story!
Nothing on pools, apart from Wildfowlers’, which seem to be thawing quicker than the others, saw Shoveler 10 usual Mallard. All the Moorhen and Coot along the bottoms of various hedgerows along the track.
The hedge by the dung heap produced….
Tree Sparrow 2, possibly more.
Reed Bunting 6
Chaffinch 8
Dunnock 4
Song Thrush 1
Blackbird 3
Robin 2

Further down,
Bullfinch 3
Greenfinch 4
Goldfinch 3
Blue Tit 2
Great Tit 2

Spraying slurry in fields attracting….
Few hundred gulls, mainly Black headed,
Good number of Lapwing, Redshank and Curlew.
Golden Plover 1

Marsh, didn’t hang about as freezing…….
Canada Geese 220
Greylag Geese approx 350
Snow Geese and Barnacle Geese present, attracting out of town birders!
Little Egret 3

Sewage Works and field opposite
Grey Wagtail 1
Lapwing 75
Curlew 17
Redshank 160
Grey Partridge 5
Fieldfare 90
Redwing 35
Blackbird 18

Rushed the Marsh so didn't spot the Dark-bellied Brent Goose seen by Pete Woodruff yesterday or any Pinks.


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Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, I know well what you mean about the icy cold conditions and rushing the marsh Steve, not standing about weather. The Snow Geese gave excellent close views yesterday and the DBBG was the bonus but my excuse for not finding the Barnacle Geese was the same 'rush' as yours today......bit disappointing really.