Thursday, 31 December 2009

Aldcliffe has the Ansers

Above: some thoroughly wild geese and a bearded vulture.

NE 0-2, 4-6 Oktas, dry.

A late morning to early afternoon visit with Steve W was centred on the five-species goose flock on Aldcliffe Marsh which included 500+ pink-footed, three barnacle and the snow goose quartet. Sadly no brents, beans, euros or any other stragglers today.

Waders seen included whopping numbers of black-tailed godwits. Around 180 were roosting at Marsh Point, thirty feeding in the improved fields and a further 200 probing for methane on the former tip.

Parish passerines included forty or more linnets, five tree sparrows, three meadow pipits and a lone redwing.

A water rail could be seen feeding on the iced-up 'flood'.


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Pete Marsh said...

Quick check from GB road south end:

The DBBrent walked out of the river with some Pinks and Greylags at about 1430hrs and then promptly went down a gully. Same guesstimate of Pinks - awkward to see properly even from the elevation at the southern end of GB road.!