Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Outside, Looking In

SE 3-4, 3-7 oktas, dry.

Didn't set foot in the parish today, but did scope it from the wrong side of the estuary !

The four snow geese were still on the marsh mid-afternoon, though they later decamped to improved fields on the Heaton side of the river.

At only around a hundred metres outside of the area, a barn owl (hunting the edges between Snatchems and Salt Ayre cycle track) is worth a mention here too.


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Ray said...

Ray says ...Thanks for the message Dan.. see my blog for what happened next.... the title words are from a Moody Blues song I think, but I can't remember the title, but I seem to recall that somebody or other is dead. Do I get a prize? Oh, it's Timothy Leary of course.