Saturday, 13 June 2009

Summertime blues

Saw my first patch broad-bodied chasers at Freeman's Pools today, with a pair ovipositing over the small reed-fringed pool just in front of the viewpoint on the cyclepath. Apologies for the dodgyscoped pic - handheld snapper to my eyepiece...
A few common blue and blue-tailed damselflies were also present though no darter species were seen.
Coots are rebuilding and 1 of the little grebe pairs appear to be doing the same.
The LRP chicks continue to grow - amazing to think that they had only just hatched this time last year!
A trawl along the seawall was rewardless and the Wildfowlers' Pools and The Flood was free of avian interest.
Common and lesser whitethroats were typically in evidence along the cycle track along with the usual LT tits, goldfinches etc. No sign yet of any fledged reed buntings at either of the pairs' sites.
Darter Pool was quiet with the exception of a few common blue damselflies.
Back at F Pools, something was causing something of a commotion and looking hopefully skyward I noticed a sparrowhawk over the ponds - hmm, was that it? Then a buzzard soared low across the water, but wait - what's that large raptor above? Another buzzard. Then a peregrine soared over and a kestrel shot by. Not exactly what I was hoping for but quite a flurry of excitement!

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