Monday, 15 June 2009

All about evening

Went for a late evening visit just to see what's about later on in the day.
Of course, the optimist in me was keeping one eye out for a repeat of last year's hobby or similar. Needless to say, that particular optimist was left somewhat disappointed...

At Freeman's Pools the LRPs were busy running around the island as usual while the other residents carried on as normal. I suspect that the upper pool dabchicks have a nest somewhere in the vegetated margins as one adult acted very aggressively toward the drake tufted duck at one point.
The female roe deer was out and about.
Good numbers of swift and a few swallow, house & a couple of sand martins were feeding on the copious insects over the water.
The other pools were very quiet.
7 herons were fishing on the Lune at Stodday.

An agitated song thrush and a couple of very noisy blackbirds tempted me to scramble through some vegetation alongside the cycle track near Freeman's Wood, where after some
searching I eventually discovered an adult tawny owl.

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