Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Splitting hares

Popped down to the pools this morning before setting off to Morecambe and another day slaving over a hot computer.
Got to say, there wasn't much doing although the gadwall pair were back on the upper pool. Two adult little ringed plover and the 3 chicks were present.
(Not quite the spoonbill/avocet/stilt sandpiper I was hoping for...)

A late evening visit revealed that a further pair of gadwall had dropped in. Otherwise it was the usual stuff.
Frog Pond, Darter Pool and the Wildfowlers' Pools were quiet.

A pair of hare coursers were working the fields. Thankfully the hare that they were chasing managed to give them the slip.
Seems that it's a particularly rotten time of year to be engaging in this rather unpleasant pursuit, with the fields having been just cut in the past two days and the fact that there will be vulnerable young animals around. Doesn't seem terribly 'sporting' to me...

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