Sunday, 11 January 2015

When The Wind Blows

Spent an hour or so being buffeted by the brisk winds this morning in the hope that I might find some oddment but unfortunately there was nothing apparent 'blown in'. Often in these conditions we can hope to get a stray kittiwake or little gull joining the regular Aldcliffe birds but not this time, it would seem.

Grey partridge
The number of pink-footed geese was up however, with around 800 new birds supplementing the 1000 or so already in situ. Due to the fact that many of the geese were feeding in the dips in the undulating fields, it was difficult to get an accurate count.
The barnacle goose was still in among them.
There were 22 gadwall were on Freeman's Pools along with 3 little grebe and a single goldeneye plus all the usual stuff.

2 jack snipe and 4 common snipe were at Snipe Bog.

A covey of 6 grey partridge (pictured, badly) were hunkering down in the fields to the south of the lane and another single bird was near Frog Pond.

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