Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Finch Frustration

I took the circular walk from my house, through the FAUNA reserve, up past Pony Wood and back along the canal this afternoon in the hope of connecting with the finch flocks in the arable field adjacent to the wood. Earlier in the day I had happened to glance out my window at the same time as a male Goosander flew over heading towards the canal, a yeartick.

The reserve was quiet bar a mixed tit flock which included my first Long-tailed Tits of the patch year. The Pink-footed Goose flock was again present on the hill west of Pony Wood, about 1500 were in view with an unknown number out of site over the brow, presumably the Barnacle Goose was with them as I couldn't locate it in the visible flock. A small flock of Redwings were flying around above the wood and they were soon joined in the air by the flock of c70 Linnet which were being very flighty around the field. The frustration alluded to in the title was directed at the Chaffinch flock which was always out of view on the other side of the wood, so I was unable to find the Brambling amongst them. A couple of Greenfinch and Great Spotted Woodpecker around the wood were nice compensation and on the way back another male Goosander flew over, this time heading towards the town.

59 species for the patch year.


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