Monday, 4 August 2014

The Magnifent Seven

There were seven green sandpipers on the Wildfowlers' Pools this morning, all snoozing in the most visible corner by the old tyre and easily seen from the metal gate.
Other than a trio of snipe and a small flock of 5 teal there wasn't much else going on. The other pools were pretty quiet, with no sign of any other waders (or owt else for that matter) passing through.
A scan from the marsh over Gull Bank revealed little of note - just the expected build up of lapwing and post-breeding black-headed gulls. I was rather disappointed not to find any Mediterranean gulls among the birds loafing on the mudflats; we can normally expect to get one or two here at this time of year.
Hopefully someone will discover a wood sandpiper or something of that ilk (or perhaps even more exciting) in the near future. It's just a case of getting out and checking those pools as often as we can!


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