Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rare Blurred Alert

Dan again. Hello.

Long time readers of this blog will know that most Springs I put in a concerted effort to catch Ospreys on migration.

Including a session today, I've sat facing south and conducted 9 hours of vantage point surveys over the past few days, including time at Tithe Barn Hill in Glasson, Stodday picnic area and the top of the bund at Marsh Point adjacent to Freeman's Pools.

Two hours ago (on scan number 247) I was delighted to spot a northbound Osprey from the latter site, my first of the year-- and I 'scoped it up. Sadly for me though, this individual wasn't on course to sail over my head and was c3km to the SE-- I would guess just W of Scotforth.

I chucked my scope and tripod in a bramble bush and hopped on my bike and raced to the where the shared use path crosses the Environment Agency bund to cut down the distance a little so I could get a frame-filling record shot for you, dear readers. Here are my best shots-- enjoy!

As you can see from the topmost portrait the Osprey was by now over the Greaves area of the city and had attracted three adult summer Lesser-black Backed Gulls which were hounding the migrant, which looked to be a 2CY female. Joking about the last part.

A shower was falling over Lancaster and the Osprey flapped on and through it, at some pace.

I contacted Rare Bird Alert and rang a friend who lives just to the N of the city. But the bird wasn't hanging around. I'd say it was travelling at least 30mph, which is not bad considering it was travelling into a 15mph headwind.

Aside from this target species, little else was moving over the patch, with 18 southbound Black-tailed Godwits the second best sighting.

I hoped to spy a martin or two over the pools, but it wasn't to as far as I'm aware summer migrants noted here (or in the case of the fish-botherer from here) so far this spring have been-- in order of appearance:

 1. Chiffchaff
 2. Little Ringed Plover
 3. Blackcap
 4. Osprey


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