Saturday, 8 March 2014

It's Not Easy Seeing Green

After a day slogging away at nature's coalface, I managed to find some time to pop along to Freeman's Pools for a dusky wind down this evening.
All the usual stuff was present and correct, though tufted duck had increased to 10 and gadwall numbers had risen to 16.
A little egret was fishing on the upper pools but the real surprise came in the form of a green sandpiper. Anyone familiar with Aldcliffe or indeed this blogsite, will likely be aware that the area is traditionally one of very few places in the north west where this species regularly over-winters. However, thus far they've been completely absent in recent months with my last sighting of green sandpiper at Aldcliffe being October 16, 2013.
A trio of goosander were on the river and I could hear and see good numbers of pinkfeet out on the marsh.

Yesterday, Jenny and I went for a walk in Dunsop Valley. Given the time of year and the bright forecast I was hoping for some raptor activity. Unfortunately it was just a bit too windy for much in the way of displaying but nonetheless we still saw the expected commoner species; sparrowhawk, common buzzard and kestrel. Just as I'd given up hope of anything more interesting a male goshawk made a brief appearance, lazily and half-heartedly having a go at a display flight before dropping out of sight. It soon reappeared but then quickly abandoned its showy efforts but gave decent views as it flew back over and then into the wood.
There were no crossbills seen or heard - again I expect the wind was not entirely blameless... a couple of red grouse were the only other things worthy of note. 


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