Saturday, 18 February 2012

They paved paradise........

Just like the Enclosure Acts Freeman’ Wood is now of value, put a fence around something and suddenly its of economic worth! Like in the Grapes of Wrath when the Joad family heading west cant find a place to camp, all the unusable land has at last found a use, profit, campsites, and some money grabbing opportunist charges a fortune! No choice, course you have a choice! Nothing new you would be right to think. Nothing new in that, nothing new in economic depressions right! And what better time to rush through development plans than when times are tough, after all its good for jobs, good for the economy, good for profit, good for the local community, all them old chestnuts we lap up.
Talking about campsites Freeman’s Wood is not alone, further down river the new caravan park development near Ashton Hall has almost been given the green light, its called agricultural diversification! Up at Bailrigg they have had plans to build on Greenbelt for years and now those plans have had a dusting off and are back in full swing. Then those pesky Jet Skiers who rampage up and down the river bulldozing all in their path, and for what! What does the Duchy of Lancaster have to say, nowt, they couldn’t give a damn, what about Tory MP David Morris, watch this space. The rowing club at Skerton Weir has plans to expand, more boats, more money less everything else.
You might reckon green is good then again you might question all this green policy crap, you might question the reality and meaning of a tourist landscape, you might think habitat corridors are the answer then again you might question what exactly does caring capitalism mean, you might have even already considered what exactly “Fairtrade” means, and who and what does fair mean, “fair” a word at the moment that’s being misused all over the gaff!
Time to dig out my copy of Germinal and put the bird books down for a bit, time to consider that there was once a fence here before! Time to broaden my horizons and seek inspiration from events further a field and consider why are we always lagging behind, protesting after the events, why are we never on top of our game, should we leave the protection of the environment in the hands of self interested politicians, reformists, charities? Guess not! Though it does make life easier! Should I really collude with the conformist masses who it seems only have at heart the interests of maintaining the economic wealth of a rich owning class, the very same masses who sigh with relief knowing that M&S profits have risen the first quarter! Call me naïve, call me bolshie, call me what the hell you like but facts is facts, no point in crying over spilt milk, take it on the chin, nope gonna go find me a Tawny Owl!


news said...

Hi Steve Fair comments especially re Jet Skis & the Duchy a long time story.JWB.

North Lancs Ringing Group said...

The planning application for the caravan site near Ashton Hall was refused. Jean.

Pete Woodruff said...

Your best post today Steve, but don't hold your breath waiting to hear from supporters of your views. Silence is golden they say....I call it black.

Jon Carter said...

Great news re caravan site app, especially for the waders etc.

ray said...

Do you all remember that thatcher woman saying she wanted a return to "Victorian values"..... and a few years after her disastrous rule we got them.... beggars in the streets. homeless people on the increase, the hard-fought rights of working people ridiculed and trashed. Well, this lot now are using the global economic mess to go even further, seemingly having persuaded the foolish people who voted for them that it had nothing to do with shitheaded uber-tory capitalists, asset-strippers, fatuous commodity traders and downright freeloader gamblers using someone else's (our) chips.
Yes, we were all railroaded by Cameron rolling up his sleeves in an attempt to get us to believe that he knew what work was !!!!
Apart from that, everything's fine. Ray