Friday, 17 February 2012

Antique roadshow

A bit of antique flytipping had occurred down near Freemans pools. Two cardboard boxes had been discarded which must date back to the 1960's. To show how old the boxes were, one box was originally for an electric heater with a price of 6/14/0 and the other was a box originally for a twin tub made by a company called English Electrics. Another document, showing the age of the tipped rubbish, was a receipt from the Lancaster and District Co-op society for fixing a kettle. I have a feeling that the person named
 on the receipt shuffled off  this mortal coil a long time ago and can't be held responsible. I'm sure if the boxes were put on e-bay the flytippers would have had a taker and saved themselves the trouble of dumping them at Freemans Pools.

As for that fence, my dad would be proud of it (McClelland family in joke).

All the action was round Freemans pools with 7 species of duck in the area and a euro white throat with the pinkies at Heron Pool. 3 dunlin were on the flood.


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