Sunday, 20 November 2011

On The Front Line

Dan here.

My recent attempts to sniff out a late rare passerine (please hume-our me) have been scuppered by plagues of distracting geese, and my attempts to get passable photos of them.

At least thirty-four Euro white-fronted geese were in evidence in the murk today, with three seen on the maize stubble fields, and a flock of 33 on Aldcliffe Marsh, which featured just 4 juveniles.

Sadly this group was scared by some ne'er-do-wells and it re-located to stubble fields near Overton.

I'd reckon there have been more white-fronts here in the past week (a nationwide influx) than there have been over the preceding twenty years or forgive my gruesome photos...I'm just a bit excited to see this species here.


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