Friday, 3 June 2011

A Young Dubius Charadr?

Hello. Dan here.

Thought I'd make use of the first calm morning in weeks with a pre-dawn listening session.

An early start (0345-0630) paid some dividends with crepuscular singers including:

Two grasshopper warblers (1 Freeman's Pools, 1 'upper track'), 4 sedge warblers, 9 common and 2 lesser whitethroats.

Other singers heard along the cycle path included 3 reed buntings and 4 song thrushes.

Highlight of the morning was probably the common tern sat by the river underneath the power lines.

As I watched it preening a flock of 14 black-tailed godwits flew quite high upstream, only to head South a couple of minutes later.

Another two blackwits in rather subdued plumage were feeding at the Wildfowler's Pools.

The drake wigeon appears to be over-summering in the parish.

A grey partridge and five hares were welcome sights on the maize field, as were two sitting lapwings and and two incubating oystercatchers.

A fleeting view of what could well have been a three-quarter scale juv. little ringed plover in marginal vegetation was somewhat tantalising.


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