Sunday, 19 June 2011

Return passage?

A pleasant 60 minutes stroll this morning.

1 lesser whitethroat visible on the top path. 2 linnets were also here.
1 willow warbler singing closeby and several common whitethroats.
1 sedge warbler carrying food and another calling near Darter pool. A male reed bunting was also singing here.
A green sandpiper at Wildfowlers is probably the first sign of return passage in the parish. A black tailed godwit, redshank and lrp were also present here.

A moorhen and 3 chicks at Freemans pools.
Thankfully we don't have any lesser bbg's predating lapwing chicks. I saw at least 4 in the maize fields on Wednesday afternoon but these seem to have disappeared by today. They are usually pretty mobile so hopefully they have moved to the field margins.

Retrospectively, I wished I'd checked Freemans wood. It's usually pretty good in windy but bright conditions.


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