Saturday, 23 April 2011

Saturday morning

Pleasant walk round the patch this morning. It's the time of year when this visual past time becomes virtually an audible puruit only.

4 sedge warblers at various spots round the area.
2 lapwing chicks near darter pool.
Common whitethroat present in the mid teens - it's my perception that these have been the most common warbler in the patch for a couple of years now.
Willow warblers (4)  and chiffchaff still singing.
Blackcap singing on top of a tree at the estuary gate car park was the best sound of the day.

Unfortunately it looks like the locals had spent Good Friday sunbathing at freemans pool. A kayak has been abandoned  poolside and a pile of tins, crisp packets and a football has been left. With a bit of luck, May will be cool, wet and windy to allow the local ground nesting birds to breed successfully.



news said...

Hi Steve. Typically no respect for nature.JWB

THOMAS said...

nice blog!