Sunday, 10 April 2011

Blue Sky Thinking

Another watch-and-wait (...and wait...) session for me in warm, calm, sunny conditions.

Visible migration was modest but fairly steady until 1320. No target species!

My tally between 0915 and 1415 was 173 meadow pipits,  24 sand martins, 5 swallows, 7 linnets, 5 redpolls and 2 siskin. Almost all were heading NE over the city and on course for Ingleborough.

Yesterday's lesser whitethroat was still advertising his presence. A couple more willow warblers in the wood.  A pair of stock doves and up to seven local sparrowhawks were noted. The nine hundred or so PG are still on Colloway Marsh.


1 comment:

Jon Carter said...

Great to see read the vis results Dan.
As you know I never much had the patience (or the ear) for such intense study!
That lesser throat really is early - the earliest I can find reference to was on in 2007 on 14th April. They almost always arrived around the 20-24th in most other years.
All the best