Monday, 15 March 2010

A ponder and a wander

Visit with Steve this morning. We debated the merits of the gulls settling on the island. If it's colonised by the gulls would there be a danger of predation by the BHG's or would they offer a degree of protection from other predators. A carrion crow was patrolling the island today - probably the same one which predated the second clutch of LRP's last year. Time will tell.

Peregrine, raven, merganser and 8 meadow pipits in the vicinity of the pylons.
2 little egrets on the marsh.
1500 pinkies on trig hill
Green sandpiper, 2 teal and redshank on the flood.
Sparrowhawk at Aldcliffe village.
Kestrel, smew, 3 goldeneye in the vicinity of Freemans pool.



Jon Carter said...

Interesting to see whether BH gulls do attempt to nest there. They haven't shown any interest previously, in answer to Pete's question.
As for the LRPs, as Guy suggests, a small colony might just offer protection of predation from crows, but then there's the obvious threat from the gulls themselves too! Saying that, how severe is the predation of avocet chicks from BH gulls at Leighton?
A gull colony will doubtless also deter any repeat attempts of colonisation by the bentbills? I shall be watching with interest!

Anonymous said...

The BHG are attracting other gulls, there were Herring Gull and LBB Gull on the island. The advantage over Leighton is the water is much deeper at Freeman's Pool, which at least does deter mammals, apart from the odd human! The Lapwings and Oystercatchers appear to be coexisting along with the gulls without any problems. Steve.

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for 'filling me in' re the BH Gull question Jon. Also this mini discussion on the threats to small waders like the LRP's is interesting to which I would add - without sounding too gloomy - the threats are numerous unfortunately but this is nature as opposed to people in canoes.