Saturday, 9 January 2010

Saturday highlights

Some obvious localised cold weather displacement.

7 tufted duck and 3 gadwall in the river.
3 goldeneye on Aldcliffe rapids and 1 goosander heading upstream and a red breasted merganser downstream.
1 little egret.
Kestrel with a recently caught vole being harassed by a large female sparrowhawk.
Passerines around Stodday included a treecreeper, grey wagtail, reed bunting and meadow pipit.
Minimum of four water rail, 4 snipe and redshank in the ditch between the top and bottom paths. 1 kingfisher and 3 bullfinch in the same area. This ditch is the only open water in the area.
7 linnet in the stubble fields.
1 sparrowhawk at Freemans pool and a black tailed godwit at Marsh point.


1 comment:

Jon Carter said...

Howdo. I know it's horrible over there and no-one wants to go birding but it might be worth nicking bits off Ray's blog and the LDBWS website for Aldcliffe updates? No mention of the thrice seen SEO or fencehopping geese in days...
It's stopped raining here, which is good. I might be able to update my blog now!