Friday, 22 January 2010

Peregrine Adventures......

Aldcliffe Mid Morning, low tide. Dull, poor visibility.
Via Stodday, noticed birds much more vocal than of late, very pleasing to the ears. Was on bikes today and only got as far as Wildfowlers’, was hoping to catch up with the 2 Green Sandpipers as spotted by Pete Woodruff yesterday, no worries the weekend is here!

Lapwing 3800 on the riverbanks.
Wigeon, numerous.
Shelduck 14
Little Egret 3
Curlew 5
Redshank 45 in stable field
Peregrine, initially heard then spotted flying over The Flood with what looked like a Redshank in its talons, I watched it fly towards the pylons easily outmaneuvering the corvid in pursuit.
Mute Swan 9
Grey Wagtail 1

Wildfowlers’ Pool
Goldeneye 2
Snipe 1
Redshank 9
Mallard, Moorhen.
Little Egret 1


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