Thursday, 23 April 2009

Wader Go!

Dan here.
Wherever I am I'm always thinking of Aldcliffe. So when I was passing Snatchems (the dark side of the Lune) at midday I couldn't resist having a lingering look to the south and east.

A north bound flock of twenty-two whimbrels (my first of the year)dropped in to have a closer look at Freeman's Pools, a pleasant sight and a lovely sound. A minute or so later seventeen of them headed back south, perhaps leaving five behind on the gravel island?

Had an evening scoot around the parish proper but could only find one whimbrel - near Cadaver Corner.

Three handsome Icelandic black-tailed godwits were feeding at Wildfowler's Pools.

The picture is one I took near Cadaver Corner three springs back.

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Guy McClelland said...

I am 3 days in to a three week break from the parish and I have just finished the Aldcliffe cold turkey stage. I'm not sure what it is about the old patch (the lino dump or those flytippers) which keeps pulling me back. I have even started to dream about the place!