Tuesday, 10 March 2009

LEO puts on early show

The sun was still above the horizon when I got to the pools close to six o'clock this evening, so armed with optimism I headed first for the riverside bank.
I met Graham, one of the local dog-walkers, who mentioned that the barn owl had been sat on a post earlier behind Keyline. It was all quiet along the bank and I met Steve W at the Marsh Point viewing area. He'd had great views of the LEO from the cycle track viewing spot earlier but it had now disappeared.
Well, the weather had held out but it was looking a bit crap for owl spotting! Mind you, the moon was spectacular.
A familiar call high up alerted me to an incoming green sandpiper which dropped onto the pools, presumably coming in to roost.
We decided to head down to the track where after a couple of minutes the barn owl appeared hunting over the bank behind the Keyline buildings. That's more like it.

Earlier Steve had come across up to 6 stonechat around the pools and c30 meadow pipit.

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