Friday, 27 March 2009

In the week...

The “un-springlike" weather came up with a surprise Greenshank, and me wishing I had more layers on!
On the 26.03.09 bumped into Pete Woodruff who said he had a Greenshank on Freeman’s Pool, took the scopes there and confirmed indeed a sheltering Greenshank. Not for long however, as a rather hefty shower agitated it enough, and me, to get it moving, watched it for another few minutes striding up the pool edge, then it flew off. There were 9 Gadwall on the island, that’s the most I have seen there. Pete saw a Green Sandpiper on Wild Fowlers’. Checked Flood for LRP’s but no joy.
27.03.09. Went to the Flood to see if LRP’s were there, and I was in luck, two of them very static, mind you it was blowing a gale, didn’t stop the Meadow Pipits though, about 15 of them being buffeted across the flood field. 300 or so Pink-footed Geese in the fields beyond. Little Egret and 12 Shelduck on Wildfowler'.

Cheers for the updates Steve, been unable to get down this week and was away in Scotland at the weekend.


Pete Woodruff said...

Just a 'quickie' Steve/Jon.

It's something of a worry that what appears to be a pair of L B B Gull's seem to have taken a liking to the island on Freemans Pools and therefore reasonable they are considering - if they aren't already - nesting on there. Not good news for anything else with the same thoughts not least of all the LRP's if they make the same decision. The same appears to be happening on Conder Pool....bad news x 2.


Guy McClelland said...

I suppose one of the plus sides of the tip closing has been the ability of oystercatchers and LRP's to get young of this site without predation. The gulls may not stay because of disturbance from the locals. We'll have to see...

Jon Carter said...

Just to note: in 2008 the first LR Plover chick didn't hatch until mid-June, suggesting quite a late laying date - due to relocation after a failed attempt elsewhere?