Saturday, 20 December 2008

Waxwing lyrical

OK, so it may just be on the fringes of the Aldcliffe patch (though in my defence I was the one that made that up) - but I didn't get chance to cover the patch today so the 3 waxwings that graced my street can be justifiably posted here!
2 were seen by the nursery as I came out of the house at 11.40am, and I immediately dashed back in for my bins for a proper look at them, abandoning all thoughts of the post office and the parcels I had to collect.
Called Dan H who popped round the corner in a matter of seconds and we were treated to good views of one very mobile bird in particular.
The local mistle thrushes seemed particular vexed by the crested interlopers.
Later (1.05pm), 3 were together in the same area before flying off up Ays-Garth Road. Had a wander around trying to find a suitable feeding spot but that was the last I saw of them.

Oh, and to further enhance my 'house-list' a party of long-tailed tits made their debut around my 'feeding station' in the front garden. Nice.

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